Carta provides advanced genomic testing for IVF

We help IVF parents predict their embryo’s disease risk and health outcomes in advance, resulting in improved women’s health and healthier future generations.

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The Leading Genetic Test for Healthier Future Generations

We use a novel polygenic approach (PGT-P)

We have developed an advanced machine learning algorithm that takes into account multiple genes working together, unlocking the ability for us to predict the risk of nearly all complex diseases.

We look at your entire genome

We look at all 3 billion base pairs in the genome, and combine hundreds of tests, allowing couples to make the most informed choice possible about their embryos.

Clinical-grade results that you can understand

Our patients are at the centre of everything we do. We give you and your doctor everything you need to know about your genome, all in one easy-to-read report.

Your data belongs to you

Our testing methods are the most accurate to date, and because we give you secure access to your genomic data and simple ways to transfer it, this is the last genomic test you will ever need.

Our Tests

PGT-A (Aneuploidy)
Testing for the right number of chromosomes
Down's Syndrome, Klinefelter's Syndrome, Turner's Syndrome, etc.

PGT-SR (Structural)
Testing for structural changes in chromosomes
Refer to PGT-M

PGT-M (Monogenic)

Testing for diseases caused by single gene changes
Huntington's, Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Disease, etc.

PGT-P (Polygenic) - New

Testing for diseases caused by multiple gene changes
Breast Cancer, Diabetes Type 2, Heart Disease, etc.

All in a single test.

How It Works

We perform in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and incubate the embryos until they reach the blastocyst stage of around 300 cells.

Your embryologist then gently and lovingly removes a small cell sample from each embryo.

The embryo's cells are sent to our cell laboratory, where they are DNA sequenced to determine the 3 billion letters in their genome.

We run each embryo's DNA through our systems to determine the risk of serious disease in each embryo.

We then send you an easy-to-read report outlining each embryo's potential health risks.

This allows you to select the healthiest embryo for implantation, and give your future child the best possible chance in life.

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What People Say

“This will revolutionise the IVF industry”
A/Prof Saumya Jamuar
Head of SingHealth Duke-NUS Genomic Medicine Center
“This not just has applications in IVF, but also across the rest of medicine”
Dr Steven Tucker, MD, FACP, FAMS
Medical Director, Double Board Certified Oncologist
“Fantastic, this product has really helped our team and business get to market”
Sarah Smith
Lead Developer, Flowbase